• 'We are thrilled that the work we have done over the last four years bringing students and businesses together to raise aspirations, inspire and address employability skills has been recognised by the British Chambers of Commerce. Now we're crossing our fingers for the national awards on the 26th November'

  • "This is an excellent design. It really emphasises the emotion of driving a Hyundai and the inspiration it provides. I love the idea of the student embarking on a journey being translated into a design on the car. Very creative and extremely inspirational."
    Tony Whitehorn, President and CEO, Hyundai Motor UK Ltd

  • Inspire, raise aspirations, develop employability skills, mentor and encourage, enable informed choices.... these are all words that describe the impact you can have on our young people.

  • Dave Harvey, business journalist for BBC Points West came to Charfield Primary School to find out just what was going on.

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"I'm starting to see the point of school". year 9 student

Our vision...

We believe that schools and businesses need to work hand in hand to:
  • Offer the best opportunities for our students.
  • Ensure businesses get the employees needed
  • Enrich curriculum
  • Inspire
  • Raise aspirations
  • Ensure our communities thrive
Premium Partners for Schools provides a way to do this successfully.
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For business...

How does Premium Partners work?

We often hear business leaders claim that young people are not prepared for the work place and that schools are not equipping them with skills they desperately need.
We believe that schools cannot be expected to address this alone and that Businesses have an integral role to play in the whole education of young people in the UK.
Premium Partners for Schools facilitates links and provides a strategic way to do this.
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Our current partners...

"Renishaw has been part of The Castle School’s Premium Partners Scheme since its launch in 2011. As a business, we have benefited enormously from regular interaction with students and staff. including innovative projects, developing employability skills and providing professional guidance, mentoring and work opportunities in engineering.”

Julie Collins
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Our News

By Tessa Wilkinson 16 Nov, 2016
Students, staff and business leaders braved an early start, drank lots of coffee and tea and enjoyed an excellent breakfast at Old Down Estate this morning.  We welcomed students from both Marlwood and Castle who confidently presented themselves within a strict 1 minute time limit. 

Our newest partners were there and included Ronnies of Thornbury, Alexander Workwear, Professional Apprenticeships and QA Apprenticeships. Our F1 in Schools team were in attendance and their carefully crafted vocal arm twisting resulted in yet more businesses promising support for their project. 

We are so proud and lucky to have such fantastic students and businesses to work with and are looking forward to the last breakfast of the year on 8th December. 
By Tessa Wilkinson 16 Nov, 2016
Our 14th business forum was a resounding success with updates from the team, partners and students. We were able to hear about the year 10 interview skills session which involved over 35 partners and helped all 270 students get really valuable input on their CVs and interview preparation. Nicky Marshall of Discover your Bounce and two Castle sixth formers talked about the wellbeing day that was run last month for year 12s. This was clearly highly beneficial and has meant over 200 students have been given the tools to deal with stress, improve nutrition, exercise and develop resilience. 

Two of the F1 in Schools team, Josh and Dan, spoke about the project they are involved in, the support they need and how businesses can help them. This has resulted in Partners pledging sponsorship which will enable the team to not only complete their project to a high level, but also leave a legacy for other students who take part in the project in the years to come. 

Claire Gradwell of QA Apprenticeships outlined their work, Abbie Bishop of Europa Group shared her experience of being involved with the interviews for year 10 and Helen Harrison, Mayor of Thornbury gave us more information about the Mayors Youth Award. 

Richard Craddy of Thornbury Rotary club gave us an overview of the many opportunities they provide for young people and has promised to help the F1 boys. 

Thank you to everyone who came! 

By Tessa Wilkinson 19 Oct, 2016
On 18th October, over 150 students were treated to a day with a range of professionals who worked with them on the many elements of 'wellbeing'. Nicky Marshall, founder of Bounce2Success and one of our Premium Partners worked with Sarah Ockenden, our Head of year 12 to put on a fantastic day. On the menu was healthy eating and understanding how food effects the body and mind, the power of positivity and the need to be kind to yourself, physical exercise, mental resilience and body image. 

The staff who attended got as much from the day as the students, and we cannot thank Nicky and her team for giving so much time and energy to our students. We're looking forward to the next one already! 
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