• 'We are thrilled that the work we have done over the last four years bringing students and businesses together to raise aspirations, inspire and address employability skills has been recognised by the British Chambers of Commerce. Now we're crossing our fingers for the national awards on the 26th November'

  • "This is an excellent design. It really emphasises the emotion of driving a Hyundai and the inspiration it provides. I love the idea of the student embarking on a journey being translated into a design on the car. Very creative and extremely inspirational."
    Tony Whitehorn, President and CEO, Hyundai Motor UK Ltd

  • Inspire, raise aspirations, develop employability skills, mentor and encourage, enable informed choices.... these are all words that describe the impact you can have on our young people.

  • Dave Harvey, business journalist for BBC Points West came to Charfield Primary School to find out just what was going on.

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"I'm starting to see the point of school". year 9 student

Our vision...

We believe that schools and businesses need to work hand in hand to:
  • Offer the best opportunities for our students.
  • Ensure businesses get the employees needed
  • Enrich curriculum
  • Inspire
  • Raise aspirations
  • Ensure our communities thrive
Premium Partners for Schools provides a way to do this successfully.
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For business...

How does Premium Partners work?

We often hear business leaders claim that young people are not prepared for the work place and that schools are not equipping them with skills they desperately need.
We believe that schools cannot be expected to address this alone and that Businesses have an integral role to play in the whole education of young people in the UK.
Premium Partners for Schools facilitates links and provides a strategic way to do this.
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Our current partners...

This is a shining example of cutting edge practice in partnership work between a school and their local business community. It is an inspiring model of business engagement that directly impacts individual young people, improving their employability skills while supporting the local economy."

Marie Horton, Learning Exchange advisor - North Somerset Council
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Our News

By Tessa Wilkinson 09 Sep, 2016

Come and see what Castle and Marlwood schools have to offer students joining in Year 7 in 2017 and beyond...

By Paula Kirkby 12 Jul, 2016
Our annual 6th form networking lunch took place on 6th July and saw 27 business partners meeting and chatting to nearly 50 students from both Castle and Marlwood Schools. The students had the opportunity to practice formal networking with a range of different professionals from our Premium Partners, with some encouraging results. 100% of our students enjoyed the event, with 100% of them saying it had increased their confidence in speaking to new people, and raised their understanding of what networking is and the benefits it can bring. They all wanted more opportunities to do similar events in the future. 100% of our Premium Partners enjoyed the event, and felt it had helped them understand how they could help our students moving forward. 

Here are some comments from our students on the experience:

“I thought networking was only for businesses.”

“I now know how to speak to people better and how to start conversations with a business person.”

“Even if you’re unsure, just try talking to people. It’s not necessarily the person you are talking to but the people they know.”

“It’s about talking and finding out things. You don’t have to want or need something from someone.”

“I wish I could have seen everyone!”

“I will network more in my social circle and look to expand it, to find out what opportunities are there.”

“It helped me realise what resources I already have.”

We look forward to more events like this next year!

By Tessa Wilkinson 13 Jun, 2016

For the second year running, the Premium Partners scheme at Castle and Marlwood Schools has enabled Year 9 students to work with Berkeley Vale Motors in a Go Kart project. The students had to go through a formal application process which included writing letters to the Directors of Berkeley Vale Motors, followed by giving a presentation at the garage and participating in team building activities.

Seven students were selected, and have been to Berkeley Vale Motors every fortnight after school for the past 5 months, to learn about engines, how a Go Kart is built, and ultimately, to design and race their own kart. The students had the opportunity to race their hot dog design at the Tetbury Whacky Races on the May bank holiday and had a great day out with the BVM staff.

The students also attended the Premium Partners business forum at Eastwood Park Hotel, where a range of businesses and parents showed great interest and enthusiasm for the boys’ work!

Final presentations and a drive around the Castle School fields this week concluded this fun and enriching project, in addition to receiving certificates of achievement from Helen Harrison, the Lady Mayor. She commented, “It is really encouraging to see different elements of the community working together so creatively in this way.”

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