"I'm starting to see the point of school". year 9 student

Our vision...

We believe that schools and businesses need to work hand in hand to:
  • Offer the best opportunities for our students.
  • Ensure businesses get the employees needed
  • Enrich curriculum
  • Inspire
  • Raise aspirations
  • Ensure our communities thrive
Premium Partners for Schools provides a way to do this successfully.
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For business...

How does Premium Partners work?

We often hear business leaders claim that young people are not prepared for the work place and that schools are not equipping them with skills they desperately need.
We believe that schools cannot be expected to address this alone and that Businesses have an integral role to play in the whole education of young people in the UK.
Premium Partners for Schools facilitates links and provides a strategic way to do this.
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Our current partners...

"Renishaw has been part of The Castle School’s Premium Partners Scheme since its launch in 2011. As a business, we have benefited enormously from regular interaction with students and staff. including innovative projects, developing employability skills and providing professional guidance, mentoring and work opportunities in engineering.”

Julie Collins
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Our News

By Tessa Wilkinson 15 Mar, 2017

The Premium Partners for Schools team have picked up another award! The Careers Development Institute awards received over 50 entries. Judges for the ‘Innovative Employer Engagement’ category were particularly impressed with the longevity and sustainability of Premium Partners and the breadth of work undertaken with our business partners. They recognised the impact our business partners have on our students and the opportunities that are available for them.


At the beginning of our 6th year, we are thrilled to have yet again received external validation for the work we do. All thanks to a fantastic team, wonderful business Partners and adventurous students.

By Paula Kirkby 15 Mar, 2017
On Thursday 9th March, 16 of our Premium Partners kindly gave up their time to come and deliver sessions on how to write a good CV and shared some interview tips to our Year 12 students. They then held one to one interviews with our students throughout the afternoon to put into practice what they had learned. 

The hall was buzzing with conversations, and despite nerves, students came out smiling!

Our thanks to all the Premium Partners involved in what was a really positive day!
By Paula Kirkby 30 Jan, 2017

16 students from Castle and Marlwood Schools had the opportunity to look behind the scenes at two local employers: Alexandra Workwear and Europa Group .

Sarah MacIsaac from Premium Partners said, “We are incredibly grateful to Alexandra and Europa for engaging with our schools in such a positive way.  Our students have benefited enormously for the experiences they have had with you and your staff.”

Both companies worked with  Premium Partners to put together a fun morning of activities with the aim of finding out more about the people inside the organisation and the jobs that they do.

At Alexandra, textiles students were given a brief history of the company and enjoyed cups of tea and biscuits in the boardroom with some senior members of the company. They then had the opportunity to design outfits for customers; take photographs of garments for a catalogue; see how marketing materials are created; and look at how the company website is adapted and developed.

At Europa Group, students went on a treasure hunt to find specific members of staff whom they then interviewed. They found out about marketing and advertising; health and safety; customer confidentiality; financial compliance. They also had a look at the call centre. They were asked to observe how staff used language differently when addressing customers compared to their colleagues in the staff café.

As a result of these visits, all of the students said that they had increased their confidence in speaking to business people, understanding how a company works and how their studies at school relate to the world of work and their future. The things that most surprised them were how big the companies were, how friendly everyone was and how each person inside the company has an important role to play.

Elaine Fitt from Europa Group said, “We were  delighted to assist the local children in making their career choices. They were well behaved and a credit to their schools. We look forward to repeating this exercise soon.”

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