Telescopes and lenses help underachieving boys to see far!

Over the last few months, a group of year 9 boys have been working with Essilor UK, a local lens making company, to build a telescope. 

The boys had not being doing as well as expected in maths, and the project was designed to help them understand and engage with the subject again. 

They were taught maths of magnification and optics, something that would challenge an A level student! Their desire to understand and achieve was clear, and the boys ability to design a telescope using tubes of cardboard then plastic piping really impressed Essilor. 

On 19th June, the boys are going to fit the lenses they've done the maths to design, into the real telescope, which will be given to the school. 

A fantastic example of learning made real, inspirational opportunities and vibrant partnership between a business and education. 

Projects that go vroom! 

Car Wrap

Year 13 Graphics students were asked to design a wrap for the car sponsored by Berkeley Vale Motors, a Hyundai dealership. This was done to a very tight, two-week deadline with the help of Damon Mahoney, graphic designer, and the support of N3 Display Graphics who placed the wrap. The result is spectacular and the impact on the students has been significant!

At interviews, this was picked out as being very impressive. The students have spoken about their experience to packed rooms full of businesses, parents and students. 

Hyundai were so impressed with the work done by the students, that their UK public relations office spread the news globally via social media. The CEO of Hyundai UK even emailed to say how impressed he was with the students' work and how well they had captured the spirit of Hyundai.

Impressive stuff.... now we are working on the next wrap with a new group of students. 

Go Karts 2015 & 2016

Berkeley Vale Motors also wanted to encourage year 9 students to find out about the world of automobiles and what goes on in a dealership such as theirs. The Go Kart design and build project was born. 

Out of the initial 35 students who came to the talk that owner Nigel Hawkins gave, over 20 letters of application for the project were received. The Berkeley Vale team whittled these down to 14 and the students were asked to come to the dealership and give a presentation outlining why they should be given one of the 6 places available.

The 6 finalists have had a brilliant time learning all about how to source parts, engines, design, managing a budget and even had the opportunity to race the Go Kart at Tetbury Whacky Races in May 2015.

The project was so successful that it was repeated in 2016. 

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